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Current and past grants

Current grants

MZČR AZV NV18-04-00179 – New possibilities of intravital diagnostics of prion diseases from peripheral tissues and cerebrospinal fluid, 2018 – 2021. [isvavai]

Projects supported by Charles University Grant Agency

GAUK 530217 – Study of cellular prion protein (PrPC) function in 3D in vitro model using CRISPR/Cas9 system, 2017 – 2019, Z. Fremuntová.

Participation in programs supported by Charles University

PROGRES Q26/LF1 – The Molecular, Cellular and Pathophysiological Basis of Diseases II.
SVV 260 369 – Studies of infectious diseases and their causative agents.

Past grants

MZČR AZV NV17-31403A – Diagnostic potential of cellular microparticles in fetal inflammatory response syndrome, 2017 – 2020. [isvavai]
MZČR AZV 15-32961A – Cellular microvesicles as a diagnostic marker in multiple sclerosis, 2015 – 2019. [isvavai]
GAČR GA16-15020S – Protoactive Polymer Materials with Nanostructured Surfaces for Biomedical Applications, 2016 – 2018. [isvavai]
MZČR IGA NT14145 – New diagnostic approaches to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, 2013 – 2015. [isvavai]
GAČR GAP303/12/1791 – The role of proteinase-activated receptors in pathogenesis of prion diseases, 2012 – 2016. [isvavai]
MŠMT KONTAKT II LH12014 – Evaluation of cellular toxicity of nanoparticles and protein amyloid fibrils, 2012 – 2015. [isvavai]
MŠMT KONTAKT MEB091004 – Development and Utilization of Anti- Prion Monoclonal Antibodies for Detection of PrPtse/PrPc in Cell Cultures and Blood, 2010 – 2011. [isvavai]
GAČR GP310/09/P260 – Propagation of prions in cell cultures: the effect of cell line cultivation and expression of endogenous retroviruses, 2009 – 2011. [isvavai]
MZČR IGA NS10335 – Detection of prion protein in blood and cerebral spinal fluid of patients with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, 2009 – 2011. [isvavai]
GAČR GA310/08/0878 – The role of cellular prion protein in erythroid differentiation: possible link to peripheral pathogenesis of prion diseases, 2008 – 2012. [isvavai]
GAČR GA203/07/1517 – Chemical syntheses of fluorescence labeled mouse prion proteins using chemical ligations and investigation of their properties, 2007 – 2011. [isvavai]
GAČR GA310/04/0419 – The role of cellular prion protein (PrPc) expression on blood cells, 2004 – 2006. [isvavai]
MZČR NI7416 – The presence of Prion and Cellular Prion Protein in Blood: Optimalization of Detection Methods, 2003 – 2005. [isvavai]

Projects supported by Charles University Grant Agency

GAUK 360216 – The role of extracellular vesicles in the transmission of prion infection, 2016 – 2018, J. Soukup.
GAUK 140215 – Photodynamic inactivation of prions, 2015 – 2017, M. Kostelanská.
GAUK 1200213 – Preparation and characterization of a new experimental model for study of neurodegeneration in prion diseases in tissue cultures, 2013 – 2015, B. Váchová / M. Filipová.
GAUK 1322713 – Characterization of physiological role of PAR-2 protein in pathogenesis of prion diseases using murine model, 2013 – 2015, Z. Hanusová.
GAUK 86408 – Role of cellular prion protein in erythropoesis, 2008 – 2010, H. Glierová.

Participation in programs supported by Charles University

UNCE 204022/2012 – Chromatin Structure, Organization and Dynamics.
PRVOUK P24 – The Molecular, Cellular and Pathophysiological Basis of Diseases.
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