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We are looking for a PhD student! Open position: doctoral study in biomedicine

Intravital diagnostics of prion diseases

Participation in the new grant project supported by the collaboration with National Reference Laboratory for TSE-CJD, Thomayer Hospital, Prague and Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA

Prion diseases are lethal neurodegenerative disorders. The definitive diagnosis of prion diseases can be made only after the death of the patient, which complicates patient care and prevents early treatment. This project focuses on the use of a new method called RT-QuIC, which allows for highly sensitive prion detection in vitro and thus confirmation of the diagnosis at the earliest signs of the disease. The aim of the study is to introduce and optimize the RT-QuIC method in the Czech Republic and to determine if urine and skin samples can be used successfully for diagnostics. The ability of the method to confirm the disease during different time points through the incubation period will be tested on an experimental mouse model of the disease.

Contact and more info: doc. Ing. Karel Holada, Ph.D., tel.: 224 968 503, email: karel.holada@lf1.cuni.cz


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